How to enter the competition?

Download the entrant guide here.

The entry process is quick, easy and free*:

  • Read the criteria very carefully to ensure you are eligible 
  • The Awards team will contact you shortly after reception of your pre-entry, confirming your eligibility and informing you of the next steps of the competition

  • Please consider the criteria carefully also so you understand exactly what our judges are looking for
  • Complete your entry by answering concisely the brief questions on the entry form
  • The judging by our industry experts will be held mid-October 2018
  • The best entries will reach the MAPIC Awards shortlist: 4 finalists in each category and will be officially announced then

*Applicants must be registered for MAPIC

If you need help with your entry or require any clarification, please contact Laurène DUREAULT at

Step 1: Pre-entry form

Pick your category and fill out the pre-entry form in English. It is free of charge and takes a minute only to complete.

You can enter as many projects as you wish, and one entry can be in more than one category as long as it meets all the eligibility requirements and separate entries are sent. You will receive an email confirming the eligibility of your entry.

Extended pre-entry deadline: Friday 14 September, 2018


Step 2: Final entry form

If you are pre-selected, you will be asked to fill out the final entry form in English and submit the required supporting materials (photos, maps,...). 

You will need to zip the supporting materials in a compressed file and upload it (last step of the submission process).

Final entry deadline: Friday 14 September, 2018


Step 3: Jury meeting

The jury comprised of high-profile real estate experts will meet in Paris mid-October 2018 to shortlist four finalists in each category.

If the jury thinks a project is not in the right category, it has the right to move the entry to a more appropriate category and judge it in the new category.

At the end of the meeting, the jury will also select the winner of the Special Jury Award, the jury's personal favourite!

The MAPIC Awards finalists will be announced shortly after the Jury meeting.

Step 4: Awards Gala Dinner

The winners as well as the Special Jury Award will be revealed at the prestigious MAPIC Awards Gala Dinner to be held on Thursday 15 November 2018 at the Salon des Ambassadeurs, Palais des Festivals, Cannes. If your project is part of the finalists, your presence will be required at the Gala Dinner.

                                                                                                                  We wish you best of luck!