This award boosts and recognises retail brands for their exceptional performances over the past 12 months.


Our company started as a street vending shop in 1972 and is now a major 100yen retail brand owner with 5200 stores worldwide.

Our company currently operates 3 brands.

DAISO, a 100 yen uniform brand that enriches people's lives with a wide selection of over 70000 items.

Standard Products, a brand that carries eco-friendly products with simple designs and products that are made by the Japanese craftsmen, with the concept of "A little better is always really nice.

THREEPPY sells mature cute products under the concept of "ADORABLE. JUST FOR YOU"


Rituals Cosmetics is a brand dedicated to sustainable and personal wellbeing in the beauty luxury industry.

As a founder of integrating bath, body and home care into a single portfolio, Rituals embraces the lifestyle of transforming everyday routines into meaningful moments. With an expansive innovation portfolio in body care, home fragrances, skin care and home wear.

Founded in Amsterdam in 2000, Rituals has been established as a global industry expert in over 36 countries present in cities such as London, Paris and Hong Kong with more than 1050 stores, 3900 shop-in-shops, 5 body spas and world’s first Mind Oasis. 


The BOSS Retail Design Concept Strategy creates premium retail spaces that reflect our brand's aesthetic direction in sportswear, casualwear, and fashion. Our concept embodies a recognizable visual DNA, brought to life through brand design principles.

We enhance execution with premium finishes, meticulous attention to detail, and curated visual presentation. Strategically placed stages and lounge areas offer generous spaces in each store. Service touchpoints provide opportunities for personalized consultation and human connection.

Our consumer-centric retail environments create memorable moments of inspiration, discovery, and relaxation, inviting people to experience the BOSS brand.


This category rewards the best restaurant chains/brands for their exceptional performances over the past 12 months.


A culinary journey with Mediterranean accents! From Nice to Tunis via Barcelona and Istanbul, come and taste cuisine made from healthy and tasty products, a moment of sharing with family or friends, around dishes colorful and festive events.

Between a tasty Lebanese tabbouleh, tagliatelle with pesto, chickpea hummus, marinated chicken pita, Koobideh skewer, or another panna cotta, we are spoiled for choice at the Uliveo restaurant! Eat, laugh, discover, travel but also fill your heart and mind with wonder memories.


I LOVE POKE is the pioneer and largest Healthy fast-casual food chain in Italy (170 stores) specialized in custom made Hawaiian Poke Bowls reinterpreted with Italian flavors that offer an array of high-quality seasonal ingredients adaptable to all dietary preferences & restrictions.


Doppio Malto is a dining concept where house-brewed beer takes center stage alongside a simple and genuine gastronomic offering, and above all, it's a happy place.

Each location is, in fact, a space where time and space are multiplied: the perfect spot for a quick lunch or a long evening, a Sunday with the family or a dinner with friends, to discover what a beer cocktail tastes like, remember what billiards or foosball are, listen to good music, or get involved in stand-up comedy or karaoke. We call it Happy Casual.


We are a modern food-on-the-go retailer, providing a wide menu of food and drink choices wherever and whenever our customers need us throughout the day.

With ownership of our supply chain, multiple service channels for our customers and over 2,400 shops nationwide, we are in a unique position to make great tasting, freshly prepared food accessible to everyone. Our teams across the business are dedicated to providing our customers with great tasting food-on-the-go and the best experience every day.

OUR PURPOSE, to make great tasting, freshly prepared food accessible to everyone

OUR VISION, to be the customers’ favourite for food-on-the-go


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This category rewards the best leisure concepts for their originality and exceptional performances over the past 12 months.


Seven Squares is a groundbreaking leisure concept that's redefining entertainment in the heart of Paris. Building on the success of our first establishment in Saint-Étienne, we are thrilled to introduce our unique blend of indoor leisure activities to the vibrant Parisian scene.

Our 5000-square-meter facility encompasses an exciting array of experiences, including bowling, a children's playground, trampolines, interactive mini-golf, virtual reality adventures, laser tag, arcades, and billiards.

We're known for our unwavering commitment to quality, creating a visually stunning and immersive environment. Seven Squares is where entertainment meets excellence, offering unforgettable experiences for all.


KOEZIO & LUCKY FOLKS are 2 innovative concept in the same destination building.

An FEC with immersives and exclusives action games, escape rooms, virtual reality concepts, ropes courses connected to a fun social Entertainment restaurant with darts, shuffle boards, karaoke, petanque and table games.

This 7/7 day and night destination is unique and targets individuals, families, companies, groups of friends to connect each other and share by playing, eating and having a lot of fun in a vintage funfair themed environment.


Professionally designed, built, and operated family entertainment center with the ability to adapt to local market needs. The essence of ADVENTICA parks is to be fully a family centric place that invites everyone from toddlers to seniors. Both the repeat clients and one-time visitors are embraced in ADVENTICA’s vast spaces.

The concept aims to foster physical movement while adapting to the modernity of gamification requirements. Each park is created taking into consideration a unique set of needs in concept, form, and timelines and delivers consistent look and feel of ADVENTICA brand.

We live our slogan “Everything is a Game!”


Zero Latency is a global leader in immersive entertainment, working at the cutting edge of VR and location-based experiences. With headquarters in Melbourne, Australia, and 80+ venues across 27+ countries, Zero Latency is the largest free-roam VR network in the world.

Since opening the world’s first free-roam VR venue in 2015, Zero Latency has thrilled more than 3 million players worldwide. Eight years ago, Zero Latency introduced the world to free-roam virtual reality – a new form of immersive entertainment that allows consumers to explore mind-bending worlds without wires, cables, or other constraints.


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This award boosts and recognises retail companies, launched within the past 3 years, for the originality of their concept (product, marketing campaign, innovation, shop fit-out, etc.), their achievements, entrepreneurial spirit and long-term development plans.


Introducing "Circuit" by Ingka Centres, a 816 sqm retail concept in Birsta City, Sweden, reshaping the future of retail with its unwavering commitment to circular living. It offers a holistic approach to embrace circularity through purchase, maintenance, repair, and sharing.
Circuit brings on board 27 partners, cultivating conscious consumption by offering rental, pre-owned, swaps, and peer-to-peer flee market. With engaging events/workshops, transcending shopping into a learning journey. It propels Birsta City's reputation as a visionary destination, with growing partners’ network and community of conscious consumers.

Circuit will expand to the next Ingka Centres locations, reshaping retail and fostering circular future.


I Like! The Social Studio contains a comprehensive digitalization strategy where several touchpoints between the online and offline worlds guarantee a sustainable relationship between the shopping center and its users.

A store with 400m² combines products of influencers that are being offered for the first time in brick-and-mortar retail. Additionally, 12 photospots invite visitors to directly create content for the digital world. This combination creates a growth in footfall and turnover. An above average Social Media interaction is also achieved. An integrated podcast studio brings these influencer stories to Spotify, etc. and a further touchpoint for potential visitors at home.


ALCÔV is a new musical format. It's a showcase for original sound and visual creations, where everything is designed around the audience. For its first seasons, ALCÔV has invited Indochine, The Chemical Brothers, Mylène Farmer, Woodkid, Orelsan, Damso... An ambitious creative challenge. An unprecedented musical emotion. A spellbinding sound, a loss of bearings, an intimate dive, a hypnotic experience: by intimately combining sound, image and light, ALCÔV takes music completely off the rails, generates new listening sensations and changes the rules of perception, metamorphoses space.

ALCÔV is the first immersive wooden venue dismantlable, designed with a real low-carbon objective.


The concept of Black Pound Day (BPD) has had a significant impact on several fronts: Economic Empowerment: BPD has played a pivotal role in empowering Black-owned businesses.

By encouraging consumers to consciously support these businesses on a regular basis, we contribute to increased sales revenue and business growth. This economic boost is vital for the long-term sustainability of Black entrepreneurs.

Visibility and Awareness: BPD has succeeded in increasing the visibility of Black-owned businesses, both online and offline. Through our directory, marketplace, and physical retail spaces, we help these businesses gain recognition and access to a wider customer base.


Reimagining the role of the physical store in an omnichannel distribution network: this category celebrates retailers who have adopted the best strategy to support their omnichannel distribution network.

SPORTANO.PL is an innovative, modern multibrand offering sports equipment and clothing from renowned brands from almost all sports disciplines, offering all this to customers online and offline (opening a technologically advanced stationary store in 2022).

By focusing on the Omnichannel 2.0 strategy and combining these two worlds, the brand, together with the Omnidigital technology hub, has created a place that inspires, allows for advanced product testing, professional advice, self-service, following the customer's interest and needs, ultimately providing a unique shopping experience.

This is an omnichannel concept, which is called the most modern stationary sports store in Central Europe. 


Sports Direct launched its leading Running Concept in March 2023 in its Manchester flagship. This concept utilises cutting-edge technology to better the customer experience and help them find the best shoes for their running journey.

Using a ground-breaking running gait analysis tool in-store, the consumer-centric proposition recommends running shoes from the best brands in sport based on the customer’s foot, price point, and running journey. Online, customers can experience the Running Concept with an innovative Running Shoes Finder that recommends the perfect pair of runners.

Through this innovative omnichannel experience, Sports Direct delivers a personalised customer analysis centred on running.


Hugo Boss has implemented an omnichannel strategy to provide a seamless and integrated shopping experience for its customers.

This strategy focuses on combining the online and offline channels to create a unified brand experience. Customers can browse and purchase products through various platforms, including the Hugo Boss website, mobile app, and physical stores.

By adopting an omnichannel approach, Hugo Boss aims to enhance customer satisfaction and, and a consistent brand experience across all channels.


This category looks at the ways in which retailers are working towards a more sustainable future – including cutting carbon emissions, recycling, upcycling, responsible manufacturing – and how effective these initiatives really are.


Our project is based around the most impactive humanitarian necessity “water”. We design, manufacture, retail and distribute water filtration devices using state of the art technology.

Our products represent our vision of providing clean and safe drinking water. The filtration system restores water by removing harmful contaminants (bacteria, viruses, chemicals etc) whilst ionising, alkalising, and increasing antioxidants.

We have implemented humanitarian projects to clean water for whole communities to enhance and save lives. This is crucial to third world countries, and also to areas affected by natural disasters such as flooding, earthquakes etc Becoming more frequent due to Climate Change.


Aranyani is a luxury handbag brand that draws inspiration from the rich heritage of Bharat’s Vedic civilization, which has thrived for over 30,000 years.

The name ‘Aranyani’ means ‘The Goddess of the Forest’ which is synonymous with our brand’s focus on nature, positive impact along with artisanship and craftsmanship.

Guided by the S.A.I - Service, Awareness, and Inclusivity philosophies, Aranyani aims to introduce the legacy of Bharat’s concept of luxury, design, and artistry globally in a contemporary style.

We have set up our own state-of-the-art atelier in Bangalore, India, following the original concept of the family workshop. 


Decathlon, a leader in the sports industry and committed to sustainability, has partnered with Eficia, a leading energy management company for buildings, to optimise its energy consumption. With 178 growing stores in Spain and a global presence, Decathlon aims to inspire the sporting community and lead by example.

This ambitious project not only generates significant energy savings, but also ensures adequate thermal comfort throughout its facilities.

This approach balances customer and employee satisfaction with respect for the environment, demonstrating the company's commitment to a sustainable and competitive future.


This category looks at the ways in which property players are working towards a more sustainable future – including cutting carbon emissions, recycling, upcycling, responsible manufacturing – and how effective these initiatives really are.


The first Emmaüs village in a shopping center in France.

Aushopping Promenade de Flandre, a shopping center managed by Nhood, reinvented commercial codes with the first Emmaüs Village in a shopping center in France: a solidarity retail store with a classic commercial offer (textiles, furniture, household appliances, leisure…).

This CSR project carries our values of solidarity and rethinks the retail of tomorrow through actions that allow a positive impact on our society. It allows social & economic benefits (less expensive products for families in difficulty, sharing and exchanges place, 19 solidarity hirings…) and environmental benefits (second-hand offer, recycling of unsold new products form retailers in the center and the region…).


Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield launched the Westfield Good Festival in April 2023, an annual event that will take place each year in the spring across the Group’s 22 Westfield-branded centres in Europe.

The aim is to increase awareness about sustainable consumption by combining guest experiences, thought leadership conversations and other activations with retailers, brand partners, NGOs and local communities.


Being part of the many people’s everyday, we strive to meet their aspirations for a better life and a better future for our planet. That’s why we’re going faster to make sustainable living more accessible, affordable and attractive for all. By doing so, we strive to inspire people to make a positive behaviour change towards lowering climate footprint without compromising the comfortability and affordability.

One Planet Initiative offers a diversified matrix of sustainable offers covering 5 key categories in many people’s everyday life- “better clothing”, “better home”, “better daily consumables”, “better food” & “better transportation”.


This category rewards the most successful refurbishment & redevelopment of a shopping centre, a retail park, outlet centres or all other retail sites based on: improvement and enhancement of an existing building or centre, transformation for new uses achieving a new economic utilisation of the asset.


Los Jardines de Gran Plaza: 15,000 sqm to bring nature back to our shopping center.

With this incredible project, LSGI decided to "green up" its asset by reworking the old parking lots. For this purpose, LSGI has created a multitude of carefully scenographed worlds: the Jungle, the Botanical Garden, the Tropical Island, the Lakes, the Mountain and the Secret Garden.

For each world, the plant species have been chosen with a view to coherent landscaping and ecology. Within these spaces, Gran Plaza 2 reinforces its leisure zone with 6 ultra-modern cinemas, 13 new restaurants, their terraces and a new plaza.


NorteShopping in Porto, Portugal, underwent an impressive refurbishment project, expanding the centre across 70k m2.

With an investment of 75M€, the goal was to enhance the shopping experience by accommodating larger tenants, diversifying the food court, creating open-air spaces, upgrading fashion offerings, improving entertainment options, and improving accessibility.

The recent additions of TheCookBook and GALLERIA have elevated the centre's appeal. The CookBook features two floors with distinct designs, while Galleria exudes grandeur with its double-height ceilings. Sustainability was prioritized, employing energy-efficient equipment and sourcing natural materials.

The project's focus on exceptional shopping experiences and environmental responsibility establishes NorteShopping as premier.


Shopville Gran Reno is a historic shopping centre in Casalecchio di Reno, with a direct link to Bologna train station. A large-scale renovation of the shopping centre was proposed in order to transform the space, double its size, and attract prestigious fashion brands.

The design took its inspiration from the surrounding landscape and is characterised by wave forms in the roof and façades that reflect the rolling hills in this part of northern Italy. Natural light floods the space from above and a new rooftop public space provides a green relaxation area and a gathering place for the community.


Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield (“URW”) has opened the doors of its ambitious new extension of Garbera shopping centre in San Sebastián, Spain following a four-year transformation.

The project added over 25,500 sqm to the destination and establishes Garbera’s position as the gateway for new brands in the region. With two natural parks surrounding the centre, sustainability has been at the heart of the project, both in terms of design and energy efficiency.

Innovation with eco-friendly materials and a significant reduction of the centre’s carbon footprint allowed it to blend in with its natural surroundings and achieve “Breeam Excellent” certification for sustainable construction.


This category rewards the most original new concept of Food Hall or Food court launched over the past 3 years.


Food Town is Poland's largest food hall, with 23 different food concepts, 6 unique bars and a music hall. We are have created a space for everyone to enjoy, with live music 7 days a week.

As we are the operator we take care of our guests by creating regular events, marketing and live music acts. The bars are also operated by us and we tailor our bar offerings to our guests. Housed in a historical factory setting we combine a modern foodie experience with a touch of rustic feeling throughout our five halls.


Topanga Social boasts brand-new concepts and the first-ever outposts of LA's hottest pop-ups alongside some of the most celebrated and entrepreneurial names in the region's restaurant scene, as well as an indoor/outdoor cocktail garden, two full-service bars, events and live entertainment, with a “speakeasy” style secret arcade to come.

The multi-unit 5,110 sqm gastronomy mecca brings 28 of Los Angeles' most coveted eateries such as DTown Pizzeria, Temaki, and Fat Sal’s and will offer aggregate multi-vendor food ordering, pickup and local delivery. The project has been developed with sustainability top of mind.


At Biltoki, we all share the strong belief that our need to engage in community is vital to a happy life. That’s why we strive to create a critical social connection between people, food, and local purveyors.

By bringing together the best independent local artisans of each town, Biltoki has become the leading creator of authentic food markets where each vendor reflects the gastronomic identity of its region. The fresh markets we design become the beating heart of every town or city we tackle, they revitalize and reenergize the neighborhoods we become a part of.


This category celebrates all new projects in the retail real estate market, including assets such as shopping centres, outlets, retail parks and all other retail sites.


Galataport Istanbul reattributes 1.2 kilometers of the Bosphorus waterfront back to the city by building the world’s first underground terminal, redefining Istanbul’s historic port into a buzzing gastronomy, arts & culture and shopping neighborhood.

With a total investment of $1.7 billion, Galataport Istanbul is a monumental mega project seamlessly woven into the fabric of the city. Its urban planning approach, characterized by low-rise buildings and thoughtfully designed squares and streets, ensures a seamless integration with the surrounding urban landscape.

It is located in Karakoy, one of Istanbul's oldest neighborhoods and has an enchanting view of the Historical Peninsula.


Norblin Factory is an award winning, landmark, mixed-use, urban regeneration project at the heart of Warsaw’s CBD. It has regained its presence on the map of Warsaw after several years of intensive design, construction and conservation work.

The multifunctional project has a total area of over 65,000 sqm. GLA of which 41,000 sqm GLA are A-class offices and 24,000 sqm GLA is dedicated to unique entertainment, food &beverage, retail and health & beauty concepts.

Norblin Factory is an example of a world-class revitalization project implemented with respect for the environment.


Shopping Promenade Coeur Alsace opened in March 2021. The opening of this open-air shopping centre was the first component in the vast urban renewal project of the North Commercial Zone of Eurometropolis of Strasbourg led by FREY, as a developer, investor and manager. A unique operation on a European scale.

Throughout its 65,000m2, Shopping Promenade offers its visitors a unique experience and a multi-faceted offer combining shops, restaurants, leisure facilities, medical services, as well as social and solidarity concepts. Shopping Promenade Cœur Alsace is FREY’s first "centre of collective interest".


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This category rewards the most successful regeneration of an urban area within which retail development has played a significant role.


Battersea Power Station (BPS) is now open to the public after an eight-year restoration, transformed into a one-of-a-kind, mixed-use destination with over 100 shops, bars, restaurants and leisure venues, 254 apartments and 565,000 sq ft of office space, creating a new town centre for Wandsworth.

Nearly forty years after its closure, BPS is now London’s most experiential retail and leisure destination. The Grade II* listed building and new pedestrianised high street, Electric Boulevard, bring together an eclectic mix of British, international and small independent brands, as well as unique leisure experiences, housed in and around the restored landmark.


Designed by famed architect Winy Maas and his architecture firm MVRDV, Les Ateliers Gaîté is a sustainable mixed-use redevelopment that integrates residential, offices and a hotel alongside new community-oriented retail and amenities.

The project integrates the revived district with the local community, creating better connectivity with the surrounding neighborhood while acting as a catalyst for the broader regeneration of Montparnasse. The development incorporates 62 social housing units and triples the area dedicated to public services, including a new municipal library and a childcare center.

This people-centric mixed-use destination makes a practical contribution to the lives of residents, workers and visitors.


Galataport Istanbul reattributes 1.2 kilometers of the Bosphorus waterfront back to the city by building the world’s first underground terminal, redefining Istanbul’s historic port into a buzzing gastronomy, arts & culture and shopping neighborhood.

With a total investment of $1.7 billion, Galataport Istanbul is a monumental mega project seamlessly woven into the fabric of the city. Its urban planning approach, characterized by low-rise buildings and thoughtfully designed squares and streets, ensures a seamless integration with the surrounding urban landscape.

It is located in Karakoy, one of Istanbul's oldest neighborhoods and has an enchanting view of the Historical Peninsula.


Innovation impacts the modern retail industry in many ways. As shopping becomes more connected and digital tech impacts the customer journey more and more, brands and shopping centres must rethink every part of the retail experience. This category is about celebrating the greatest innovations in retail technology.


Ariadne precisely measures the time of stay and journey of every visitor to an asset. Ariadne is a GDPR-compliant technology and it is privacy-certified by European Data Protection Authorities.

Ariadne has been benchmarked by the Indoor Positioning and Indoor Navigation Community, with over 95% accuracy in counting people and up to 1.4m median localization accuracy. These insights will enable you make data-driven decisions and optimize your visitor's experience.

With the ability to opt-in through Wi-Fi, QR codes or Real-time Bluedot navigation, Ariadne's solution enables a push notification feature effectively and targeting customers standing or passing by a specific area.


Flame is an advanced data intelligence platform for physical spaces that combines video with other data sources to help you make smart decisions based on relevant information.

Flame helps you measure traffic accurately at all points: External traffic, visits, visits by zones, etc. Consistently build conversion funnels. Flame allows you to compare locations, discover good management practices and manage staff optimally. Flame helps you understand your customers' behavior by accurately and comprehensively analyzing their customer journey knowing how they move through the spaces and how they interact.

Clients: More Than 70 malls and 2000 stores.


LaStationColis is the first automated, secured, shared PICK UP & RETURN SOLUTION FOR ALL, accessible 24/7, for ALL TYPES OF PARCELS: standard, oversized, fresh and frozen food.

A right answer for Shopping Malls and City Centers looking for a shared pickup & return solution for all parcels and retailers.

LaStationColis offers convenience to customers and local residents, gathering all parcels. Whatever the parcel, wherever it comes from, you can pick-it up at or send it from LaStationColis.

LaStationColis is a solution for ALL STAKEHOLDERS: international retailers, logistics companies, local shops and e-merchants. It offers seamless IT interfaces.


In partnership with Institut Français du Design

In recognition of the excellence of French creativity in the field of retail, both in France and internationally.


The E.Leclerc La Roche-sur-Yon store reopened its doors in the spring of 2021 after three years of comprehensive renovation, with Saguez & Partners (interior design) and architect Brunerie & Irissou (construction).

This eco-designed project spans 6,650 square meters of retail space—a popular transformation project for a hypermarket that has been one of the most affordable in France for 45 years.


Ten years after the creation of his first chocolate factory on Rue de la Roquette, Alain Ducasse opens the Manufacture des Grands Champs, still in Paris, with the ambition of showcasing craftsmanship in the heart of the city and bringing it up to date.

For the past decade, the philosophy has remained the same: every cocoa bean is handcrafted into chocolate. Each step is carefully mastered to reveal the specific flavor of each origin. And every customer can witness, smell, and taste the reality of this high-speed craftsmanship due to the immediate proximity between the production workshop and the sales counter.


Nearly half of the French population has already consumed second-hand items, and this is just the beginning. The new solidarity concept, Social Market, is opening its doors at the heart of the Shopping Promenade Alsacien.

More than just a passing trend, individuals are now seeking to give meaning to their purchases and are increasingly shifting their consumption habits towards sustainable and local solutions. This is an underlying trend that the mission-driven real estate company Frey has aimed to fully address with our support, as we collectively envisioned the Social Market.


Valrhona has opened a unique space in the heart of Paris. This new venue, adjacent to the Valrhona School in Paris, offers a one-of-a-kind experience to its visitors within the realm of the Maison.

Pastry professionals and all chocolate enthusiasts are invited to step through the doors at 47 Rue des Archives since June 2, 2023, for an immersive journey into the heart of Maison Valrhona. Discovering what has shaped its history, commitments, and expertise.

It's a new setting for fostering encounters, exchanges, and building a strong sense of proximity with its customers.